Where4Care is a text message service that asks users about their symptoms and recommends the lowest disposition point of care.

Gathers Symptoms

The most pertinent clinical questions are asked based on a user's reported present and absent symptoms.

Automated Analysis

The end-user's disposition is determined after ~3 minutes of questions.

Recommends Location

The end-user is forwarded to the lowest disposition point of care (ER, Urgent Care, etc), within network.

Incentivizes Patient

The end-user is incentivized to go to the lowest cost setting appropriate for their disposition.

Click below to see demos of some emergent and non-emergent conditions differentiated by Where4Care:

By pointing beneficiaries to the cheapest disposition, Where4Care helps payers save $Bs by reducing unnecessary utilization.

132MER Visits

Annually in the US

~30%are non-emergent

% of ER visits that are non-emergent

8xER price

Average ER cost vs average Urgent Care cost


Waste due to non-emergent ER use annual in the US